How I work

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From my project experience, I have established procedures to ensure an efficient and professional project process.
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Discovery Session

What you need is what you get
The ideal way to kick off a project. For up to 4 hrs we analyze your current business situation, evaluating needs and defining the best ways to approach your goal. This can be done in person or online.
Discovery Sessions start from 400 EURO

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Contact me to get the ball rolling.
Together we check availabilities for your session.


The Briefing

Gold in – Gold out
As soon as it has been defined which measures will best lead to the desired result, a briefing is created. This is the basis for collaboration and all subsequent steps.
Allready know what you need?
Perfect, create a online briefing or download the form as PDF here.
Online Briefing
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Company Information
Project Information
Target Group
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Not sure what to fill in?
Book a discovery session and we create the briefing together.

What happens next


Individual estimation
Once everybody is on the same page, I create a detailed estimation of timings and costs, aswell as a project plan that defines milestones, based on the deliverables. After written approval, implementation begins.


Hands on
While the creation process scheduled milestones keep you informed about progress and results. Unless otherwise agreed, a feedback loop is included per milestone.


Output & Licensing
All created assets are licensed to you exclusively for infinite use. Your welcome.


Sorry not sorry
  • I do not work with Microsoft Programs
  • Individual Estimations are not for free
  • My prices are not negotiable
  • I do not produce Banner Advertisements
  • Feedback must be provided in written form

Any questions about this terms?
Feel free to contact me, so i can answer them personaly.